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Frequent Questions

Which agency is best for digital marketing?

Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency, alongside its excellent credentials, award-winning practices, and vast clientele, is the best digital marketing agency.

What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Digital Marketing agencies offer various services, including SEO Optimization, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Logo Designing, PPC Campaigning, Search Engine Marketing, Web Development and Website Strategy, Email Outreach, Re-targeting, Content Generation, Link Building and several others.

How is digital marketing successful?

More than 70% of population indulges in social media as their favourite time-spending hobby. Therefore, if you can build a solid social media presence and network, you can easily reach out to multiple audiences.

What is the purpose of a digital marketing agency?

The purpose behind a digital marketing agency is to provide a plethora of digital marketing services, all under one roof. The end goal is to boost the traffic, conversion rates, and sales for businesses.

How much does a digital marketing agency cost per month?

Depending on the extent of the services you are availing of and the agency you are working with, a digital marketing agency can cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $12,000 every month.

Does Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency offer branding services?

We mainly deal with well-known businesses that don't require much in branding. However, if you are a small or large scale business owner looking to create a brand from the ground up, we can assist you. We'll design a logo, colours, images, values, vision, goal, brand book, and entire brand guidelines for your company. We can even develop a brand identity from the ground up.

How does Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency charge for its ad campaigns?

We bill according to the project's worth. Suppose you require a complete promotional campaign across all social media channels. In those instances, we provide you with a cost-effective, adjustable quotation, making us the best digital marketing agency.

How do you work with clients?

Clients can purchase a monthly bundle from Digital Media Line that includes all services. Clients often bring us on board with their projects, and we begin work when the deliverables are agreed upon. We work for the entire month and provide an invoice at the end. The customer must pay us according to the monthly bundle that has been agreed upon.

Does Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency have in house staff, or do you work with freelancers?

All of the services provided by Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency are handled by in-house personnel. We have employed a crew just for our specialized services, and they are present at our office throughout our business hours. That's why we have an in-house staff that handles all of your questions and concerns, so your concerns are not delayed. However, if our clients demand a one-of-a-kind service, we can quickly assemble a team of high-quality freelancers. In reality, we have a significant number of freelancers working on several of our projects, and we make sure that they continue to work on our projects.

How does Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency ensure top quality in all of its deliverables?

When we get a job, we collect all pertinent information and instructions from the customer. After that, a senior team member examines it and develops a project strategy. If there are any questions, we go back to the customer and clarify everything. Then we take the project and work through it step by step. Before sending the deliverable to the clients, it is always double-checked by a senior and experienced individual.

The Aquire Tech offers top-quality in every project with several revisions and meticulous attention to detail.

Is Aquire Tech Digital Marketing Agency capable of handling the complete digital side of a business?

Yes, we can digitally design every facet of a brand; we can build a good website and relevant material for it and maintain it regularly. We can also establish a solid social media presence across all social media platforms, using both textual and graphic material. Furthermore, we are adept at handling digital advertising and marketing. We can expand an audience from zero to millions. We can be the finest partner for a brand if it allows us to operate in the digital domain to promote it.

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